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Training is like Stretching....

The Analogy that I like to say with Martial Arts training is "Training is like Stretching". What do I mean when I say this? Your Martial Art training or for that matter just about any sport or activity should probably take on the same discomfort level as stretching. So what do I mean. Well like in stretching you need to be warmed up.... and ready to stretch. When you stretch you want to do so with a small amount of discomfort. You shouldn't be in pain. It's all about a small amount of discomfort. That small amount is going to be what gets you further. If you do not do this.. you will simply just maintain. There will be no increase in flexibility. Take the same thing with weight training. You always need to add on small increases in weight to see further improvement. Or you also might find improvement by changing the exercise that works that particular muscle. If you don't... you will never see increase. Your body has to be put at a small level of discomfort to see results.

Martial Arts training is no different. In fact it has some additional components. You may at times feel where your not physically taxing yourself in your martial arts training but you may not feel comfortable working on a new or strange skill. Maybe the skill does not come easy. Ah... you need to just practice it more. Train it more. If it's working your blocks, kicks, punches, footwork or sparring.... you will always need to push yourself a little to see gains. Sometimes this push is even a mental one. Some people struggle with the drive and mental ability to push themselves. I can't count the times that it was hard for me to go to my teachers class... but once I did... I was so happy that I did. I hear my own students at times tell me... "Oh... I was tired... Or I had a hard day at work... Or I am having an off day... But I am glad that I pushed myself to get here... I feel so much better that I did it." As the saying goes... "The struggle is real" But push forward. Get past the mental things that hold you back. When you are training push past the discomfort and challenge yourself a little more each day. In the end you will be happy you did. There are so many sayings.... But I will leave you with this one....


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