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Training Center

At the Jeet Kune Do Club we value the individual more than the art.      It is not the art that shapes the person but the person who shapes their own art.    Many martial arts will tell you that there is only one way to block a punch or throw a kick or counter an attack.  

What works for me may not work for you.   So there is no forced techniques.   Everyone is a different size and has different physical attributes.   Where one person is strong another may be weaker.   Where one person is fast another may be slower.   Where one person is tall another may be short.   As an instructor I find the tools that will work best for the individual.    There are some obvious things that is good for everyone...   Like keep your hands up in a fight.   But then there is ridiculous things to tell someone to do.   If you are 5 ft tall you will probably not be trying to punch someone who is 6 ft 4 in the nose.   This is why I personally enjoy and think this art if perfect for everyone.   Through the course of time... you develop your own set of tools that you can do well.  Tools that are effective, simple, direct and easy to do to keep you safe.   


The atmosphere of the club is no ego's.   Everyone is here to help you achieve your best.  Students and instructor alike.    We all want to be better.   The faster I can make you a better fighter the faster you become a challenge to me and make me grow as an martial artist and instructor.


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