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We accept people no matter what their physical shape, or martial arts background.   We teach beginners to people who have trained in martial arts for several years.
Class size is kept small to promote more student/instructor interaction.    Smaller groups creates a semi-private instruction based class.   The instructor can individually check on each student as they progress.   This is a great assest to the student compared to other schools who teaches to the masses.   One instructor teaching a class of 30 students does not allow a student the opportunity to correct his or her mistakes.   
No Ego.
There are no egos allowed in class.   We are all there to become better in our training.  No one is viewed as being superior, better, or elite.    Each students responsibility is to help their training partner to become the best that they can me.    As your training partners grow so will you.
Everyone is expected to respect each other, the school(Kwon), the equiptment, and the Instructor.
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