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Training Gear

This is the gear that we use at the Jeet Kune Do club.    Although we primarily use focus pad and gloves... we do have and use various other training tools when we are absent of a training partner.    The following is a list of items that each practioner acquires:


1.  Mouth Piece.

2.  Focus pads.

3.  Boxing Gloves.

4.  MMA Gloves.

5.  Paint ball mask -Used in finger jab training.

6.  Ice hockey or baseball shin guards for kicking.

7.  Head gear for sparring.

8.  Groin protector.

9.  Chest protector for training.

10. Soft Shin guards for sparring



Focus Pads


These are primarily used with a partner.   The develop timing, precision, distance speed.   These typically are not used to develop high power.

Here is a list of items that is readily available for use at the gym...

Mook Jong


This is also called the wooden dummy.   This is a traditional chinese training tool.

Speed bag


Hand speed and straight punch

Double End Bag


Used to develop hand cordination, timing, evasive movement.

Heavy Bag


Can be used for various things.   Best for power.

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