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Four Key things that make our attacks more successful.

Tools. In Jeet Kune Do we have our tools. These are our strikes. For example we have our kicks(front, hook, inverted, oblique, side etc). Punches(jab, cross, hooks, shovel hooks,cork screw, uppercuts etc...). Head butts, elbows, knees, and finger jabs to name some.

In order for us to be able to attack well we must train these tools and the proper body mechanics for each tool. We focus on these mechanics to be able to land with power. And of course training muscle to hit with more power.

Now we have the five ways of attack.

  • SDA (Simple Direct Attack) many people say Single direct attack... it's SIMPLE

  • ABC Attack by combination

  • PIA Progressive indirect attack

  • HIA Hand immobilization Attack ie Trapping.

  • ABD Attack by Draw.

Now these are strategies using our tools. Our tools have to be decent to begin with. And picking which type of attack is determined by your opponent. Huh? Yes... Your opponent will tell you which to use. (a topic for later discussion).

Now... what four things can help the success of these attacks.??

  • Distance

  • Timing

  • Broken Rhythm

  • Energy

Lets not dig deep into each way of attack... or which one to use. Lets just look at Simple Direct attack and look at the four above things we can try to control to successfully pull off a Simple Direct Attack..

Distance. Being at the proper distance will increase your odds for landing a punch for example. Too far away and you will not land it. Or the time to travel to your opponent will be off. So making sure you are at proper distance. Also controlling the distance. Make your opponent constantly adjust to you.... verses to adjusting to them. Being on the edge of that fighting measure increases the chance for you landing your strike.

Timing. An example would be watching someone's circling hand that drops and comes back up and it keeps circling. If you go to punch at your opponents face as the hand is coming back up your opponent will be able to get their hand there easier to block your attack. But if you time your attack as the hand is traveling down your opponent will have to reverse the direction of their hand to block the attack. Another example of timing... When you control distance and step back.... as your opponent adjusts their distance you can launch your simple direct attack and have a higher chance of success if you time it when they are stepping in.

Broken rhythm. If you are launching your attack on a rhythm and change that beat to a half beat or quarter beat. Or you add a pause.... you are breaking your rhythm. And again... this creates a greater chance for success.

Energy. This is one that is seldom ever talked about. In fact I really only heard it from one of the 1st generation students from Bruce. Again... it increases the chance but it not a guarantee. So if my energy is extremely high.... My opponent will follow my energy level. They will follow my intense energy and be on high alert for an attack. But the moment I start to lower my energy and watch if theirs follows... This is when I can launch my attack. Of course the best timing it to attack as they are starting to settle into a lower energy level.

So there. Using the Simple Direct Attack we discussed ways to increase the success of the Simple Direct Attack. This can be applied to all the ways of attack. And also you can think of when and where and why to use each of the 5 ways of attack.

Happy Learning.!!!


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