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Chained by your own self worth

Everyone has value! But in many things your ego goes ahead and causes you problems in life. Some we can't even notice or seem to see within ourselves. Is ego's present in Martial arts.?

I have seen in many martial art schools there is major ego's. Testosterone being thrown around. Ranking of students where you notice a student with a higher rank talks down to a lower ranking student. It creates casts.... Higher ranking students only talk and work with other higher ranked students. Higher ranked students will not have the "Time" to help someone else out that is too far below them in rank.

"EVERYONE HAS VALUE!" If people follow this thought process there wouldn't be egos... or people wouldn't feel the need to self inflate their own worth in life/martial arts.

So personally where I see people have a problem with Ego in martial arts. When ones ego causes them not to associate or be bothered working with someone who is ranked lower than you. Instead look at that person as value. This might be a moment for you to perfect a skill that you have not be able to do when working with someone at your own level. This is a perfect time for a higher ranking person to train with someone with less experience to hone and fine tune a skill. A great value indeed!. I might use these opportunities and work a skill that I have not been able to master at a faster speed. It's an OPPORTUNITY vs. a HINDRANCE!!! Yet... I will see someone discouraged when working with someone. So EGO... prevents them from working with someone with less skill cause they feel it's a punishment. I recall many many many years ago I promoted someone before class. That same night I had them work with someone who was at a lower rank. Their first comment was "OH... now I see why I got promoted." Wrong.

Sometimes your ego will not let you see fault in one self. If you can't accept you have a fault you will not be able to replace/fix your fault. No one is without fault. We all make mistakes. Own them.... fix them...

Ego sometimes will prevent people for asking for help. You may see yourself at such a high level that you struggle with something and will not ask.

Ego sometimes will cause you to start to worry about your growth in martial arts vs. others. If you spend the time worrying and focusing on others developing their skill you will not be focused in developing your own.

This ego or self worth sometimes is a factor in why some people will not help someone else grow. Cause they want to feel superior. As an instructor.... I am happy to see people grow. And when they catch me. It will also force me to grow. And life is full of growth.

Your ego can cause you to be turned off from learning and stifle your growth.

I try to conduct my class and repeat over and over that this is an no EGO environment.

I say loose the EGO.

Think Pay it forward. Help your fellow student. Don't be discouraged when a new student points out one of your flaws. It's a good thing. Fix it... And hence they will have to work harder. And well they will make you better. It's a circle. If you make them better you will hence be forced to grow. The only thing you are really hurting is yourself. You might be at a higher level than your classmates. But does that matter on the street? In life?

I will mention this story. I am probably going to get this wrong.

Two philosophers sit down to have tea. Person A goes on and on about themselves. Whenever Person B goes to add or mention anything Person A cuts Person B off and continues on and on about themselves. Frustrated Person B begins to pour more tea for Person A. Eventually the cup fills and starts to overflow. Person A witnesses this and jumps up. "STOP STOP STOP"... Person B. Says... if you do not empty your cup of tea how will you ever taste mine.


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